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American Medical Association

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
ACOG is the appointed group dedicated to developing the guidelines for care provided by OBGYNs across the country. OBGYNs follow the guidelines set forth by the college in management of patients. This website is for patient and physician use.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

WebMD is a website created and maintained by actual medically trained personnel for the general public to use to investigate a wide range of symptoms, diagnosis and tests. It is one of the most accurate, comprehensive and understandable of all the medically oriented information web sites available, and the one I refer my patients to when they want to use the internet to learn more about a certain topic.

National Cancer Institute
Use this website to calculate your lifetime breast cancer risk.

American Heart Association
Use this website to calculate your heart health status and our risk for heart disease.

FRAX - WHO Fracture Risk Assessment Tool

Baptist Memorial Health Care Hospital

Methodist Healthcare Hospital